Bear Trax was founded by Nath and Steph, who met whilst working in Whistler, Canada (hence where the bear comes from). The idea was thought up back in 2018 when they moved back to the UK and set up home in Nath’s hometown Llangollen. Everyone at Bear Trax has a passion for mountain biking and the outdoors and this will shine through when you visit.

They realised that Mountain Biking was becoming bigger and bigger with people travelling for miles to bike in the idilic surroundings of Llangollen. So with help and a lot of ideas thrown around by all the family, they realised that a contemporary mountain bike and outdoor clothing shop would fit perfectly in town. 

Nath and Steph love to travel, which is where they picked up on the increase of E-Bike hire companies all over the world. With Llangollen being so popular to visitors, it seemed like a no brainer to add this to our shop as it will open up a whole range of areas for people to visit in a day by bike and not in the car! Since moving back to Llangollen, Nath’s sister Sam, with her husband Vaughany have helped put all our ideas on to paper to create Bear Trax.

Bear Trax is committed to sustainability, tourism and giving back to the local community. They aim to inspire a new generation of cyclists, covering all ages and not just the young.

Llangollen has so much to offer with amazing views, world heritage sites, great eateries and a whole range of accommodation to choose from (which you will find on the community page). Don’t forget to put this beautiful town on your next adventure list and visit Bear Trax!



Founder/Product MANAGER

Hobbies: Mountain Biking, Snowboarding, Go-Karting

Tea or Coffee: Tea

Dream Destination: Japan

Favourite F1 Driver: Lewis Hamilton

One food you couldn’t live without: Bacon Sandwiches


founder/marketing manager

Hobbies: Skiing, Snowboarding, Watching trash TV

Tea or Coffee: Coffee

Dream Destination: Iceland

Favourite F1 Driver: Lando Norris

One food you couldn’t live without: Chocolate



Hobbies: Snowboarding, Running, Biking

Tea or Coffee: Coffee

Dream Destination: Lake Tahoe

Favourite F1 Driver: Daniel Ricciardo

One food you couldn’t live without: Poutine


honarary member/influencer

Hobbies: Running, Biking, Snowboarding

Tea or Coffee: Tea

Dream Destination: Alaska

Favourite F1 Driver: Jacques Villeneuve

One food you couldn’t live without: Chips



Favourite Toy: Minnie

Nickname: Chaos



Favourite Toy: Patch the Dog

Nickname: Queen Bee



Favourite Toy: Squeaky Ball

Nickname: Captain



Favourite Toy; Mr Bear

Nickname: Grandad